Commercial Air Source Heat Pumps adopt environmental-friendly refrigerant. They are widely suitable for sanitary hot water at residential or commercial places. It can provide stable 55°C hot water, max hot water temp up to 60°C working good at -7°C above area.


Heating capacity is 10.5kW – 200kW.

Widely suitable for sanitation at residential and commercial places.

Ranging from -7 °C to 60 °C, optimal at 55 °C.

Guarantee of high stability and efficiency of work with internationally renowned brands such as Copeland.

Complete intelligent control & automatic backup control with self-diagnosis function, auto defrosting function, and complete protection function to ensure reliable operation.

Get easy access to convenient checking and testing with LCD Display with touch keys.

Intelligent EEV, precise control, and excellent efficiency at different ambient temperatures.

Highly efficient tube in shell heat exchanger and tube in tube heat exchanger.