Hydrophilic aluminum foil heat exchanger, not easy to hang dew, frost, anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, high efficiency, internal thread copper pipe, increased heat transfer surface. Two rows of evaporators, compact structure, good ventilation, reduce frost, improving energy efficiency up to 15%.


Danfoss 500 steps Electronic Expansion valve, with more precise control of refrigerant flow system, which optimizes heat pump working capacity and efficiency under different ambient conditions.

3. High Efficient Tube in Shell Condenser (heat exchanger)

Optimizing the design of both the inner and outer screwed tube helps to increase heating exchange efficiency, and provide better heating capacity. The special design of the liquid refrigerant circulating tube on the bottom of the condenser ensures the heat pump system runs smoothly in severe working conditions.

4. Original Dupont refrigerant

Original Dupont refrigerant, better efficient and ECO friendly. ensure the heat pump runs reliably and smoothly.

5. Outfitting both liquid-storage and gas-liquid separator

Our heat pump outfitting both liquid-storage and gas-liquid separators ensures units run smoothly in different kinds of extremely hostile environment.

6. advanced welding technology

Nitrogen-welding technology purifies the refrigerant pipe system to avoid the inner residue damages to the compressor: with extra superior welding flux, it makes welding junction steadier, reduce oxidation of copper pipe, prevent gas leakage.

7. Eaton AC contactor and Thermal relay

High-quality contactors and thermal relays can freely turn on/off more than 100,000 times.

8. Aerial noise isolated material

By using high-quality aerial noise-isolated material, noise and vibration is avoided perfectly.

9. T6 Fan:

Well-selected axial T6 fan motor combined with large fan blade, which provides heavy air blow at low rotation speed, reducing vibration and noise

10. Humanized Control panel design

Military level PCB components, intelligent controlling program reinforced a reliable operation of the heat pump unit. Special colored wiring design on the PCB provides great convenience in installation and further maintenance.

11. Wide voltage transformer

By using 220V-240VAC, 50/60Hz wide voltage transformer in case of voltage fluctuation. ensure the unit works smoothly. Current transformer protecting over-current ensures unit working current is more accurate

12. Copeland (USA Emerson) compressor

High efficiency, stable performance, and special designed for heat pump products Long life (at least 15 years) and free from normal working abrasion Various protection systems, ensure the heat pump runs under smooth conditions. Over current protection, Over temperature protection High voltage and low voltage protection. Resisting the liquid hammer strongly and running steadily on bad conditions