The brand Saffron Energy® is promoted by Sakar India Private Limited, an engineering company in energy efficiency since 1999. The brand represents the legacy of engineering, efficiency, and best engineering practices of the last 25 years.

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Adhering to our fundamental values & decades-old experience in heat pumps, we provide you with the best heating solutions from our experience.

Air-to-Water Heat Pump

Commercial Heat Pump Series

Commercial Heat Pump Series

Standard Top Blowing Air Source Heat Pump

Standard Top Blowing Air Source Heat Pump

  • Heating capacity is 10.5kW – 200kW.
  • Widely suitable for sanitation at residential and commercial places.
  • Hot water temperature upto 60 °C, optimal at 55 °C
  • Working ambient temperature range -7 °C to 43 °C
  • High COP at different working conditions.
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High Temperature Heat Pump Series

High Temperature Heat Pump Series

80 degree C High Temperature Air Source Heat Pump for Hot Water

  • Complete intelligent control & automatic back up control with self-diagnosis function, auto defrosting function, complete protection function to ensure reliable operation.
  • Get easy access to convenient checking and testing with LCD Display with touch keys.
  • Intelligent EEV, precise control and excellent efficiency at different ambient temperatures.
  • American Copeland EVI scroll compressor supplement more capacity through economizer for high outlet water temperature.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps(EVI Series)

Cold Climate Heat Pumps(EVI Series)

High COP EVI Low-Temperature Heat Pump for Hot Water and Heating

  • A+ energy label based on ERP EN14825 testing from TUV.
  • Our high COP EVI can work stably at as low as -25 °C using Enhanced Vapour Injection technology
  • Comes with an extra electric heater for fast drainage design for condensing water from defrosting.
  • Every component is easily accessible for maintenance.

Water to Water Heat Pump

Chilled Water Heat Pump

Water Circuit Heat Pump

  • Suitable for chilled water, condensate water, spring water, pond water and lake water.
  • A water-to-water heat pump with a chilled water circuit is a specific type of heat pump that
    utilizes water as the heat exchange medium for both the heat source and heat sink.
  • This heat pump system utilizes a chilled water circuit to absorb heat from the building
    during the cooling mode.
  • The chilled water is circulated through coils or pipes in the building’s air handling units,
    radiators, or other terminal units to remove heat from the indoor environment.
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Pool Heat Pump

Pool Heat Pump

Pool Water Circuit Heat Pump

  • Durable titanium heat exchanger for corrosive environments
  • Dependable and long-lasting American Copeland compressor
  • Simple installation – requires only plumbing and electrical connections
  • Compact design – can be installed near utility points with minimal space requirement
  • Extended lifespan and resilient cabinet for harsh climates
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Saffron Energy®, is promoted by 25 yrs old Sakar India Pvt Ltd situated in Delhi. The company has served across PAN India and implemented 900+ projects with 200+ products servicing currently. Bringing our belief in sustainable energy into action, we have mitigated 12000 tonnes of carbon footprint.


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Leading in strong green technology & syncing our goals with New Age India where development
comes with sustainability.

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We strive to assist you with savings on energy consumption and provide you with no. 1 heating solution as per your requirement.